Analysis of CS-137 TO CS-134 Activity Ratio For Failed Fuel Exposure Estimation

Rabu, 20 September 2017 | 13:13 WIB

Ren-Tai Chiang

Member of ANS Standard 19 Committee
Former Professor in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Department,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

ABSTRACT – The CS-134 to CS-137 activity ratio of the CS-134 and CS-137 fission products released from failed fuel rods into primary coolant is very useful to identify the exposure along with the fuel batch of the failed fuel. The calculated and measured CS-137 to CS 134 Radioactivity ratios of failed BWR and PWR fuels are compared and analyzed for better understanding their relationship. Moreover , the impacts of power uprate and fuel reload outage on calculated CS-137 to CS-134 activity ratios are studied and the physics behind the impacts are provided.

Source :

3rd International Symposium RISET-Pro : “The Application of Nuclear Technology as
a Key Element to Promote Competitive National Industrial Products: Energy, Health,
Agriculture, Industry and Environment”

Singaraja -Bali, August 9-12,2017

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