Development Creative Technology of Geothermal in Dieng Province of Central Java

Selasa, 10 Oktober 2017 | 11:42 WIB

Frederika  Bria 1)     Yohannes  Sardjono 2)     Cahfied Fandeli 1)      Rukmini A.R.  1)

Pascasarjana Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta 1)

Center for Science and Technology Accelerator BATAN 2)


ABSRACT — One environmentally friendly renewable energy source with huge potential in Indonesia is  geothermal. Indonesia has the largest geothermal potential in the world, reaching up to 40% of world reserves or about 27,000 MW to 29,000 MW. However  the development of geothermal currently is only about 4,2% (1,226 MW) of the existing reserves. Dieng is operated under JOC with Pertamina and ESC with PLN and Himpurna California Energy, LTD (HCE), which constructed both the steam field and power plant. HCE drilled 25 wells to produce sufficient steam for the 60 MW power plant, which was  commissioned in July 1998. The geothermal system is dominated by two-phase conditions with temperature of 280 oC to 330 oC. This paper presents the progress of geothermal development in Indonesia and the role of government including the policy, regulatory framework, and government incentives. It also identifies the challenges of geothermal development, as well as its prospects in the future. Methodology used in this research uses qualitative-descriptive method focused on literature review to obtain literature or secondary data. The data used are secondary data obtained from various sources and research and other resources accessed through the internet



Keywords : Geothermal, Renewable Energy, electricity.

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