Overview on Nuclear Engineering Education and Research

Rabu, 20 September 2017 | 15:20 WIB

Ren-Tai Chiang

Member of ANS Standard 19 Committee
Former Professor in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Department,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA


ABSTRACT – we live in a perceptive world and the reality may be different from our perception. the facts of reality should be distinguished from the opinions of our perception. We all have opinions on various subjects, but our opinions should be verified and validated via observed facts, measured data, discussions, and reviews. Nuclear engineering is a field of multiple technical areas, which includes reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, thermal mechanics, material, radiation protection, instrument and control, waste management, nuclear regulation, etc. In the field of engineering, we use physical concepts and mathematical skills to solve engineering problems, and hopefully to make profits and benefit the public.

in the field of nuclear engineering, we should know the physics behind nuclear designs and analyses and relationships among various systems and associated geometry-, reactivity-, and operation-related parameters. In nuclear engineering education,we should let the student know the goal of nuclear engineering, the designs and operations of nuclear reactor systems, and associated fundamental theories and methods in order to develop necessry skills to perform nuclear designs and analyses and solve nuclear engineering problems. In nuclear engineering research, we should track the history and find out the trend on nuclear reactor development in our spesific fields and develop skills how to find defects and improve the current designs and/or analysis methods.


keywords : nuclear, engineering, education, research


Source :

3rd International Symposium RISET-Pro : “The Application of Nuclear Technology as
a Key Element to Promote Competitive National Industrial Products: Energy, Health,
Agriculture, Industry and Environment”

Singaraja -Bali, August 9-12,2017

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